Dawn's Desolate Prophecies: Theoreticals

Theoreticals is a sub-forum based on precisely that—theoretical scenarios. I will periodically be asking questions to which you are invited to provide answers. There is no pressure to answer every question, nor is there a compulsion to ask them. I do want to see some good conversations, though, so do please be as active as your comfort level allows. Add people as you see fit, but please understand that there need to be some ground rules. 1. NO TROLLING. Really. Bully behavior of any kind is unacceptable. 2. Related to 'no trolling' is 'ask questions with care'. This does not mean you can't post difficult or controversial questions. What it means is that you need to be considerate of other members when you do so. An example would be that if your question is—say—involving a certain religion, you should add a caveat to let people know that you hold no prejudice against its adherents. DO NOT ask questions in a way that is passive aggressive to other members. 3. The site rules are to be followed. You what not to do.

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